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BY Jody Dahl | Sat 10 Mar, 2012

New Mexico dude ranches make for incredible dude ranch vacations. And none more so than Burnt Well Guest Ranch, located in the warm and sunny climate of Roswell, New Mexico...

cowbow and horse in New Mexico USA Burnt Well Guest Ranch New Mexico

Burnt Well doesn't just do any old dude ranch vacations - Top50 selected it specially for its Ranching First ethos, meaning it's a fully operational working ranch that allows guests to sample the traditional cowboy way of life. While some New Mexico dude ranches are vast, slick resorts, Burnt Well is by contrast a small, family-owned and operated ranch, with two Chesser generations having been raised at the ranch since 1950.

Burnt Well is not like other dude ranch vacations in that it is an actual working cattle and sheep ranch - however one thing it does have in common with traditional dude ranch vacations is that it is very family friendly, welcoming guests aged 3 and above - and even allowing them to take part in horseback riding with the rest of the family, as well as other ranch activities.

cattle drive new mexico dude ranches Burnt Well Guest Ranch New Mexico

Spend many hours in the saddle each day over the course of a few days or more and ride over the wide open pastures in the Billy the Kid prairie lands. Unlike many New Mexico dude ranches, Burnt Well taken on just a few guests at a time, so riding can be tailored to you. Enjoy 'old west style' cattle drives where a spirit of adventure and determination is required - you're not just along for the ride, you'll be playing a critical role in the operation! You might arrive at Burnt Well feeling like a City Slicker at a New Mexico dude ranch, but you'll leave a real, bona-fide cowboy.

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