Horseback riding holidays with history: Snowy River then and now

BY Jody Dahl | Tue 08 May, 2012

Horseback riding holidays at Snowy River Horseback Adventure in New South Wales, Australia, are so much more than a horse trekking experience. The ranch, which specializes in leading small groups on two- to five-day horse treks across ‘The Man from Snowy River’ countryside, is a historical property where guests can learn about the Old Ingebirah Homestead during their horseback riding holidays.

horseback riding holidays AustraliaRide through incredible 'Man From Snowy River' country on your Australia horseback riding holiday

What is the Old Ingebirah?
The Ingebirah Valley was settled in around the mid 1800s, when both sheep and cattle were run on the land from an early date before being shipped for sale at Barry Way in Victoria, a sale which still operates today.

The Old Ingebirah homestead itself was one of the very first lots settled by the Golby family - and was home the Ingebirah Post Office for many years! Cattle on the land was pushed up into a high country lease for the summer months to rest the paddocks at home, before being mustered and brought home in time for winter. Today, the Old Ingebirah still operates as a working cattle ranch and runs Angus cattle over 800 acres of land.

Horseback riding holidays at the Old Ingebirah homestead offer wonderful views, with the land backing onto the wonderful Snowy Mountains – home to some of Australia’s most varied and beautiful mountain riding country.

With parts of the property remaining unfenced, expect to see visiting brumbies (wild horses) on your horse riding holiday at Snowy River, as well as the likes of kangaroo, emu, wombats, echidna and beautiful parrots and other birds. With such a variety of wildlife calling the property home, horseback riding holidays at Snowy River offer unbeatable photographic opportunities! (Note - bring some spare memory cards for your camera!)

Snowy River: the future
The ranch has evolved a great deal since its original homesteading more than 150 years ago, and is still evolving today in an effort to further enhance its horseback riding holidays. Drawing on its roots as a working cattle ranch, Snowy River will soon be offering cattle working and campdrafting clinics as part of its horse riding holidays. Australia’s fastest growing horse sport, campdrafting tests the ability of horse and rider to work cattle, making horse riding holidays at Snowy River so much more than your average horse trekking vacation.

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