Here Comes the Bride

BY Jody Dahl | Fri 30 Jul, 2010

It’s the best day of a girl’s life – at least, that what they say. Because when it comes to getting married, I can’t say I speak from experience. Yup, I’m still waiting for the man of my dreams to sweep me off my feet and swiftly put a rock on my finger so I can start planning the big day. Well, I say start planning – I think I actually started mapping out my wedding day at the age of 10. Time may have passed, but the dream hasn’t - the fairytale wedding, the heavenly honeymoon... There’s only place for it. Yes, Wedding Location Rutherford is going to be none other than a ranch! I can think of no better way to start married life in a remote place surrounded by horses, mountains and wide open spaces. OK, so Prince Charming might be dragging his heels slightly, but there’s no reason why a girl can’t be prepared...

So, where to start? I’m lost in a maze of romantic ranch retreats - each perfect in their own way, each offering their own take on the biggest day of a girl’s life. Now, I’ll admit it – I’m lazy. So give me the option of having someone else arrang pretty much everything for me, and I’m there... Introducing Triple Creek Ranch! Its 5-night Honeymooner’s break includes everything newlyweds could ask for – a luxury cabin, champagne and chocolates on arrival, massages, candlelit dinners, moonlight strolls - even a private hot tub on the cabin deck. I’m sold. This is as luxurious and relaxing as it gets, but if the feet do get itchy then there’s always the swimming pool, tennis court, hiking and, of course horseback riding – all of which are included in the package. Red Horse Mountain is another ranch to specialise in romantic vacations, and my eye is drawn to its all-inclusive adult-only weeks – perfect for honeymooners.
Free Rein Ranch in Canada, too, boasts a one-bed guest lodge that’s perfect for honeymooners. Then there’s the Ranch at Rock Creek, with some of its luxury lodgings a little more tucked away and intimate than those reserved for regular guests. This one’s an unashamed dude ranch – the one you go to for that bit of luxury whilst still knowing you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Just when I thought I had the wedding plans in the bag, I emerge more undecided than ever. With such a huge range of incredible ranches offering wedding and honeymoon retreats, at this rate I’m going to have to find a half dozen Prince Charmings...or renew my wedding vows a lot. And he’d better hurry up – this girl’s got a wedding to plan.

Mel, Horse & Rider; PONY magazines, UK

Mel Rutherford worked as News Editor for Horse &  Rider Magazine in the UK before more recently taking on the role of Website Editor for Horse & Rider and PONY Magazines.

Photo compliments of Triple Creek Ranch, Montana

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