Family Guest Ranch, Averill's Flathead Lake Lodge, is truly special

BY Jody Dahl | Thu 01 Nov, 2012

Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge, a special guest ranch in Montana

Situated in Northwest Montana, Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge will excite and invigorate you.

The hospitality and how smoothly Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge runs is an art form. Although there are often 120 people staying there, you’d never know, except at meal times when everyone comes together.

There’s plenty to do, and horseback riding takes place in the morning before the heat of the day. Breakfast and lunch rides are on offer and on return from your rides, you can swap your riding clothes for a swimsuit to engage in some of the wonderful water activities on offer. Nothing can compete with Averill’s water sports – wake boards, jet boats, paddle boarding, water skiing, swimming in the pool and lake are just some of the water activities you can get involved in here.

The riding program includes gorgeous rides into the wilderness surrounded by trees and wildlife. Ride through the center’s elk preserve and enjoy dinner there, too. Some guests even experienced two bull elk taking over their BBQ!

Having been family owned since 1945, Doug Averill and his staff know how to look after their guests. From small children to grandparents, you won’t be disappointed, and the fact that 70 per cent of guests return says it all.

Wait for happy hour where you can sit outdoors and enjoy a drink on the deck overlooking the gorgeous, vast lake (voted by CondeNast as one of the best views from your room).

Talking about the Ranch’s host, one visitor says: “Doug is a real pearl - he has the calmest presence and warmest heart, and his love for what he does shines through in his calmness and pleasant nature. You’ll see him often interacting with the young children, who adore him and follow him like a show pony.”

With around 10 activities going on at once, it’s surprising that the center runs so smoothly, but it does. There’s no waiting around in line to take your turn, and everything is perfectly choreographed.

Other activities include team penning, learn to rope steers and yacht tours to the art gallery. Averill’s customizes your stay to exactly what you want, and it’s fun, engaging and uplifting.

What’s more, the horses are very well cared for and as a result are all healthy and happy. They are given plenty of breaks and are rewarded for their efforts.

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