Dude ranches with spas offer the best of both worlds for a Rope & Soak vacation

BY Jody Dahl | Sun 18 Dec, 2011

Western ranch vacations combined with a spot of pampering - that's a 'Rope & Soak' at a Top50 ranch! From honeymoons to girlfriends’ getaways, Rope & Soak dude ranch vacations offer a great new way to take a western horseback riding holiday.

You got up at the crack of dawn for a hearty cowboy breakfast before going down to the barn to saddle your horse. You’ve been riding all day, moving cattle and taking in mile after mile of breathtaking scenery. Moseying back to the ranch at the end of a long day, you’re tired but content. Surely the only thing that could top off your day is a soothing massage and a long soak in a bubbling hot tub. On a Rope & Soak vacation at a Top50 ranch, you can do just that.

There’s no reason why getting the most authentic western ranch vacation can’t offer pampering and luxury too, a winning combination hailed by The Hideout ranch in Wyoming, USA. European-style pampering and luxury spa facilities run alongside unbeatable horseback riding with ample opportunity for cattle work on the 250,000 working cattle ranch.

Or head to Bonanza Creek ranch in Montana, USA, which offers a comprehensive range of massages, Reiki, yoga and hot tub facilities alongside regular pasture gathers. Another Montana guest ranch is Triple Creek, where guests can take part in cattle drives and even work with the ranch’s bison herd. After a day riding alongside real cowboys, Triple Creek’s pool, hot tub and spa treatments await, to soothe those aching muscles.

Cowboy by day... (photo taken at Bonanza Creek Ranch, Montana USA)

Cowgirls on ranch vacation

Not forgetting Echo Valley Ranch and Spa in British Columbia, Canada, with its spa facilities rivaling that of 5-star hotels. Echo Valley is ideally suited to less experienced horseback riders wishing to immerse themselves in western cowboy culture and be pampered to the max! A great ranch for non-riders and families, it has something for everyone in truly beautiful mountain surroundings.

...And pampering by night (photo taken at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, BC, Canada)

Hot tub at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana, USA, offer the feel of the ‘true west’ without sacrificing true comfort. Here, ranch vacations are tailor-made to suit guest requirements, meaning as much or as little horseback riding and pampering as you wish. Guests can get their cowboy fix at the ranch’s weekly authentic rodeo, then rejuvenate at Rock Creek’s dedicated 5-room full spa service. This ranch screams luxury!

C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado, USA, has perhaps the most unique spa for a Rope & Soak vacation. Its outdoor setting suggests western authenticity and gives guests that feeling of reconnecting with nature. Housed inside year-round canvas tents complete with glass-bottom, hydronic-heated floors and furnishings made from the ranch’s very own wood, the spa boasts beautiful views across the creek. After an action-packed day of cattle gathering, this is perfect place to relax and unwind with a massage, facial, or C Lazy U’s signature ‘Cowboy Soak’ – a moonlit soak in old-fashioned, deep copper tubs overlooking the creek, complete with champagne and strawberries.

The Resort at Paws Up in Montana, USA, is the ideal choice for less experienced riders looking for an authentic western vacation with second-to-none spa facilities. The ranch offers arena-based lessons and cattle sorting, as well as pasture gathers for all riding levels. Those new-found riding muscles can be soothed at the Paws Up spa, which offers relaxation massage, deep-tissue massage, rock therapies and countless other spa treatments.

Whatever your requirements on your dude ranch vacation, Top50 Ranches has a ranch to meet your needs. Whether it’s horseback riding action, relaxation, family friendly, true luxury or a mixture of everything, you’ll find it on a Rope & Soak.

Spa treatments at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa (British Columbia, Canada)

Spa treatments at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

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