Dude ranch vacation Killer Deal: SAVE $800!

BY Jody Dahl | Mon 14 May, 2012

Dude ranch vacations at the Sugar and Spice Ranch in Texas, USA, are perfect for moms and daughters looking to bond through horses. 

Texas family vacations

Now YOU can snap up a bargain Texas family vacation at Sugar and Spice with the family dude ranch's latest killer deal: just $1,299 for an all-inclusive week's vacation for a mother and daughter set. Normally $2,099, that's a credit crunch-busting $800 saving! 

Things you can do with your $800 saving:

- Buy some snazzy cowgirl boots
- Book a flight to the Calgary Stampede
- Save toward another dude ranch vacation at Sugar and Spice!

Ready to save $800? Call 1-830-460-8487 to snap up this all-inclusive package. Limited availability, BOOK NOW

For more information on dude ranch vacations at Sugar and Spice, visit Top50Ranches.com

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