Dude ranch vacation photo of the month!

BY Jody Dahl | Wed 08 Feb, 2012

Dude Ranch Vacations provide some of the best holiday snaps you'll ever paste in your photo album or post onto your Facebook page.

Each month Top50 scours its selection of dude ranch vacations and guest ranch vacations for some simply stunning images, and picks one that best sums up what a dude ranch vacation is all about. That could be the sense of reconnection - with nature and with family and friends. It could be team spirit, like that felt out on a cattle drive or horse trek. It could be relaxation, like you'd find in the peaceful ranch surroundings, by the lake with your horse or at the dude ranch's spa. Or it could be the fun, adventure and sheer joy that only horseback riding on dude ranch vacations can evoke.

February 2012 - Dude Ranch Vacation Photo of the Month

This month's winning image was taken at Beaumont High Country Experience in New Zealand. Top50's Editor, Mel Rutherford, explains: "The whole Top50 team loved this photo. It's so atmospheric and really takes you to the wild backcountry of New Zealand. You can hear the breeze running through the brushes, and feel that slight chill in the air from the wind blowing high on the hilltop. But what we loved most was the contented look of horse, rider and dog - evidently all in dude ranch vacation heaven as they take a break from sheep mustering at the working cattle station."

Wish you were there? View Beaumont High Country's ranch profile for more details.


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