Colorado guest rancher Duke Phillips features in Beef Magazine

BY Jody Dahl | Wed 21 Mar, 2012

Colorado guest ranches Chico Basin Ranch and Zapata Ranch, situated just outside of Colorado Springs, CO, have appeared in the latest issue of Beef Magazine. Duke Phillips, Manager of the Chico Basin and Zapata ranches, features in an article focusing on holistic management concepts.

Pink wildflowers on a Colorado guest ranch

Duke and his family, who manage Zapata and Chico Basin in a one-of-a-kind partnership with The Nature Conservancy, utilize holistic management concepts with the 3,000 head cowherd they run over 87,000 acres of arid Colorado public land, in an effort to harmonize with the ecosystem.

According to the article, that means encouraging "a diverse population of vigorous range plants at various stages of growth, and adequate litter cover", as well as "thriving insects and other organisms – evidence of good moisture infiltration and that the entire ecosystem is functioning properly".

In the article in Beef Magazine, Duke says: "We believe that in order to manage the ecosystem on the ranch in a responsible manner, we must understand the effect our grazing management has on the land, the wildlife and our livestock. We don’t focus on just grass or just cattle. We look at the whole.” The article goes on to explain how Duke and his team gather data about plant life, wildlife activity and cattle to gauge land conditions and to help them to make grazing decisions.

Read the full article here.

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