Chico Basin Ranch offers Branding Camp

BY Jody Dahl | Mon 11 Mar, 2013

Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado offers Branding Camp

Straight from ranch headquarters, Chico Basin Ranch excites us about their new 'Branding Camp': May 6-11 and June 3-8, 2013.

We will be offering a Branding Camp at the Chico that invites people to come live in a remote camp, joining us each day riding and working cattle in the pasture.  We will have one large branding towards the end of the week which guests will partake in.  This event is centered on branding, with cattle moves and horsemanship included.  Guests are encouraged to bring their own horse but may use one of our ranch horses at no extra charge.

Camp life will revolve around the idea that camping is much more fun than most expect.  Chairs, tables and cots will take associated activities off the ground and instead provide comfort, cleanliness and organization.  The perceived “hardship” or “discomfort” that sometimes is associated with camping out will be replaced by an enjoyable and comfortable experience that comes with living close to nature.

The camp will consist of high quality wall tents and cowboy teepees.  There will be a mess tent with tables and benches and a comfortable lounge area with chairs around an open fire to relax around.  Tents will have cots, or thick sleeping pads, depending on what is preferable.  A wood fired hot water shower will be available to soak and clean up in after a day in the saddle.  Meals will be cooked over a camp fire and lunches will be taken out into the field on the saddles to eat when noon comes around.

Each day will start with jingling the horses in, saddling up and riding out into the back pastures to gather, drive and cut and sort cattle.  Some days will consist of taking long rides to check water, grass conditions, and monitoring fence lines.  Other days might  be devoted to enhancing horsemanship skills.  Towards the end of the week we will invite guests to partake in a traditional branding, riding out early into a large pasture to gather a herd and then hold them at water.  Guests will have the opportunity to partake in most branding activities during the day.

chico basin ranch

Authentic Brandings take place at Chico Basin Ranch and YOU can get involved!

Riding Ability
We encourage intermediate and higher riding skills.  We also encourage those who do not ride much to become involved on a daily or semi weekly basis in a riding program.  Also, the more fit you are, the more you will enjoy this program.

Ranch staff consisting of the cowboys and cowgirls who work on the ranch will be living in the camp with our guests and leading the activities each day.  This personnel is experienced with all matters on the ranch, as well as with providing care and individual attention of guests.

The fee for this event is $2,500 per person, all inclusive: lodging, meals and activities.  Shuttle service is $75 per vehicle from the Colorado Springs airport.

Book today by calling: 719.683.7960

Visit Chico Basin Ranch for more Details

- Jody Dahl

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