Chico Basin Ranch: A Unique Brand

BY Jody Dahl | Sun 29 Mar, 2015

If you’ve wanted to take part in the age-old ranching tradition unique to the American cowboy, then look no further than Discover Ranches latest episode featuring Chico Basin Ranch.  

Located near Colorado Springs, CO, Chico Basin Ranch is an 87,000 acre family-run working cattle ranch operating on the high prairie with sprawling ranges of short grass and sandsage- homes to diverse populations of wildlife.

This week’s episode takes a look into the process of what goes into branding, like getting the cattle ready, starting the fire for the branding iron, sharpening the knives, and sending in the ropers.  The branding tradition is kept alive and well by the caretakers of the ranch, and the best thing is- all visitors to Chico Basin can participate in any of it!

Guests are intimately involved in all ranch life to the extent that they desire, whether this be on horseback, fixing fences or putting feed out for the cattle. Making a contribution to the daily ranch activities gives guests their biggest thrill, so programs have been developed to include guests so that they are a part of the daily work’s success.  There are ample opportunities to take time off for hiking, wildlife viewing, swimming or fishing in one of the ranch’s 5 lakes.  During the spring and fall, there are bird banding station works on the ranch because it is one of the biggest migratory flyways in Colorado.  There are over 320 birds on the Chico Bird list.

This family managed cattle ranch is owned by the Colorado State Land Board and operates on the high prarie of Eastern Colorado.  The maintain healthy ranch lands by using age-old ranching practices, progressive grazing management, and innovative business strategies.


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  • Ranch Vacations are integral to not only our history, but to the preservation and sustainability of our land and the people around.
  • The underlying purpose of Discover Ranches Travel Series is to preserve the ranching heritage and shed light on how ranches are making greater contributions to the land and people around them.
  • Unlike some tourism products out there, your typical guest ranch is a business inextricably linked with altruism and a love of the human condition, animals, the ecosystem, community and authentic connection with the land.
  • Ranchers feel so passionately about the land on which they live and sharing that love with the visitors who join their families, that a great deal of time is dedicated and devoted to protecting the environment through constant collaboration, education and advocating sustainable practices, and supporting local communities.
  • Ranch Vacations are an education whereby many guests’ lives are forever changed. As Bill Porcher, wrangler at Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort states, ‘…many guests have said this was the most life-changing experience of their lives’.
  • As ranch vacation owner, Debbie Atha of Free Rein Guest Ranch states, ‘only with the continued patronage of our inspirational guests can we persist in in these missions to make the world a better place. Guests at a ranch are touched in some unique way that they never thought possible and are educated and motivated on a larger scale to also make an impact on the land and people around them’.

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