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BY Jody Dahl | Sat 27 Nov, 2010

Book your 2011 adult getaway to Tod Mountain Ranch, British Columbia and receive 2010's rates.

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Tod Mountain Ranch is in the South Thompson area of the Interior, surrounded by mountains (Shuswap Highlands) that are densly covered with spruce and fir, with areas of birch and aspen. The journey to the ranch takes you along the Thompson River passing several lakes as you climb towards the ranch.
Riding trails take you along old logging roads and cattle trails climbing as soon as you leave the back gate. The trails to the east of the ranch take you through dense forest of spruce and fir to small clearings. At the highest point, we can see across the valley to the mountains on the west. The trails to the west take you on wider trails that meander around the mountain with steep drops down to the valley floor on one side and the mountain on the other. Our day trail takes us to a look out point overlooking Heffley Lake below.  Here, you sit at the top of the hill looking down the mountain through a clearing to the lake which is about 700m (2000ft) below.
Out on the trail you regularly see deer (whitetail and mule), black bear and coyote.  You can even be fortunate to occassionally encounter moose and cougar. You may also see tracks for bobcat, lynx, and wolf but no one has ever met one on the trail as of yet. When you look up you regularly see bald eagles and hawks flying overhead. Guests love being in the forest trails. A lot of the time you can't see where the trail is going and what might be around the next corner. Going out on the trail, most guests don't realise how high they are climbing until they are on the return journey and then they realise how steep some of the trails are.  (The steeper, more challenging trails are kept for experienced riders only). Perhaps the biggest surprise of Tod Mountain is how quiet and calm it all is.

You will certainly love this beautiful getaway into the mountains of Canada. Don't let another day go by to contact Tracey to book your 2011 stay!

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