Ride with the Gauchos with Los Potreros and Huechahue

BY Jody Dahl | Mon 04 Apr, 2011

Have you considered a riding holiday to an Argentine estancia?

Recently, Kate Matheson, our Top50 Ranch representative headed South to beautiful Argentina. While there she had the rare opportunity to stay at some of South America’s premier estancias ideal for a truly distinctive riding holiday estancia Argentina trip with superb hospitality.

Before Kate’s trip, Top50 was told that Argentina had some of the most amazing horses this person had ever ridden – and he’d ridden all over the world. Well…from everything Kate experienced whilst she was there, this fella was a great source. Kate enjoyed her riding immensely and said the horses truly were out of this world during her riding holiday estancia Argentina trip.

So, whether your passion be outstanding horses, beautiful scenery, walking, photography, bird-watching, soaking up the local culture or simply enjoying good company in a truly unique setting, Estancia Los Potreros has something for everyone.

With approximately 160 horses, you will have opportunity to try their smooth-gaited, forward going, well-schooled, intelligent, and beautiful horses(including Paso Peruano).

At Estancia Los Potreros, Kevin and Louisa Begg offer home cooked meals, from either estancia-grown or locally sourced ingredients. You will eat like a lord and love the free-flowing wine.

At Los Potreros guests from 70s on down and from beginners to advanced experience the most amazing time of their lives. It’s true – it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro polo player or have never ridden a horse before – Kevin and Louisa cater for you in every way possible. It was stated by a guest that during your riding holiday, you’ll be “under-horsed” for your first ride so that you can get used to the neck reining and the different saddles – ranging from Gaucho, Military, or Polo.

Kate took special note of the Polo – 1st time in her life she had tried this and fell truly in love. Another perk was the fact that the guides and gauchos will tell you all about the wildlife and birds and it’s a true opportunity to engage in Gaucho culture.

At Estancia Huechahue, the riding can be fast, the distances long, the rivers large, the views vast and days can be as adventurous as they were in the early 1900's - but at the end of the day a hot bath will be waiting, the accommodation will be really comfortable and the food fabulous.

On your riding holiday, you will experience well-bred, sturdy, athletic horses. Guests are matched to two different horses and alternate between riding one or the other. With no more than 6 guests per ride you will always be accompanied by Argentinean guides aka Gauchos.

Huechahue’s naturally beautiful landscape provides many opportunities for diverse riding during your riding holiday ranging from grassy hills, wide open plains, and rocky mountainous areas. You’ll even have opportunity to work cattle during your riding holiday.

When not riding, guests may explore ancient caverns, hike dormant volcanoes, dine on truly amazing meals at the ranch house or in the bordering town of San martin de Los Andes, or you may even wish to fish in a nearby national park.

A dip in the pool or hot tub is a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day.

Two of Kate’s highlights during her riding holiday with Jane Williams at Huechahue was the ride across the working Estancia with incredible views of the ice clad Volcano Lanin, and definitely the home-grown meals – varying from Milanesas(traditional thin-sliced Argentinian beef) to homemade risottos and fire baked pizzas. 

One experience Kate was dying to be apart of was Huechahue's pack trip from Andes to Chile where you ride across one of the world’s largest mountain chains dividing two countries – simply amazing! Much to her dismay…this trip will have to wait for another time.

Upon Kate’s return, she said she felt like the luckiest person around. With fabulous hospitality, truly distinctive riding opportunities and dining beyond compare, she was ready to pull up shop and move to South America! But, for now, she’ll just be reporting her experience through Top50 and answer any questions she can about others looking for that spectacular, premier riding holiday to a working estancia.

If you’re looking for a truly unique riding holiday with the most amazing owners and superbly distinctive riding opportunities, make sure to reach out to Kate about her experiences in South America – Estancia Los Potreros to Estancia Huechahue to Estancia Ranquilco(coming soon!), these are without a doubt the most PREMIER working estancias and riding holiday estancia Argentina in South America.

Reach out to Top50 anytime to visit personally with Kate – whether you’re a travel agent booking for your guests or a new guest looking for a true riding holiday.

Whether you head to one of Top50's dude ranch vacations, guest ranch vacation, working ranch vacations or book a riding holiday estancia to South America, a working ranch in New Zealand, or go horse trekking in Australia, Top50 can help you find that ideal ranch destination.

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