Why Top50? Showcasing only Top Ranch Vacations...

Confused by the number of ranch-like opportunities? Top50's brand was designed to take the guesswork and confusion out of finding a ranch vacation. Every portal promotes any business that feels like signing up and pay the money. Not Top50! Top50 focuses more on professionalism and quality of each ranch so you, the traveler, can have peace of mind.

Top50 has helped hundreds of people just like you - people with taste, high standards and an eye for quality - find their ideal ranch and riding vacation, and we can do the same for you. We want to work with you to give you the opportunity of a lifetime and an experience you'll never forget.

  • Top50 offers Peace of mind - Each ranch is vetted to ensure quality for you. Top50 visits the ranches and can describe the holiday to you from first-hand experience.
  • Know exactly what you get before you book. Knowing exactly what to expect can make or break a holiday. You will know what to expect before you get there. Each ranch featured has several tabbed pages of detailed, accurate, honest and unbiased information about the ranch's program you know exactly what to expect before you get there; ensuring the ranch cannot claim something they are not. You won’t find the same amount of detail in any other website. Top50 guests are better informed than those from other companies.
  • Speak direct with us - calling Top50 is personal experience. We give you all the facts. When you call us we won’t just tell you the good, we will give you the full picture, negatives and all. So, Contact Us!
  • We know you because we are you - we have been the guest looking for the right ranch, we have been the owner of the guest ranch and we ride and own our own horses; therefore, we understand what you want and need. We understand the type of riding and ranch vacation you’re looking for even when you don’t!
  • Top50 is exceptionally stringent in the selection process and each ranch has been tested by Top50; choosing ranches who strive for excellence and exceed the highest standards of hospitality and service, knowledge, activities, and excellence in riding. Not all ranches they visit meet their requirements, only those that pass their standards make it onto the web site and into the brochure.
  • Top50 possesses integrity and will not be bought. We always choose to represent ranches striving for the best in quality over those willing to pay for the Top50 accolade.
  • Ensures the best ranch for YOU. A Top50 Ranch does not just want guest business - they want the right guest business. If a Top50 ranch is not right for you, we’ll tell you, ensuring your money is well spent, and peace of mind that your chosen ranch will give you the best stay available.
  • Each ranch meets established criteria of hospitality, accommodation, activities and offers distinctive riding opportunities. Top50 represents only those who are unique, authentic and who offer true hospitality – putting the guest first. As you search through each ranch's storefront, you will find commonalities in each ranch through our established criteria. But you'll also be able to embrace each ranch's unique culture finding it a true one-of-a-kind experience.

Each person’s idea of the ideal riding and ranch experience varies, therefore, Top50 has reached out to find a wide selection of ranches offering a variety of experiences. Each Top50 Ranch offers distinctive riding opportunities - from exquisite beauty in natural surroundings to authentic cattle or sheep work at a working ranch.

We hope we inspire you through beautiful photos and our clean design and offer you explicit ranch information to help you choose the right defined dude ranch vacation for you. Feedback has told us that 98% of Top50 visitors have rated us 5 star for our quality service, personal assistance, in-depth information, and quality ranch experiences.


A Top50 Ranch stay offers Experiences Unmatched by any getaway:

Top50 is dedicated to showcasing some of the most breathtaking, authentic and unparalleled ranch destinations in the world.

Breathtaking: Top50 propels you into the world's most unfettered landscapes. Step back in time as the wide open spaces, feeling of unlimited freedom, and the fresh air and sounds of nature pull you into their grandeur. The beauty of these powerful landscapes will leave you forever changed.

Authentic: Submerse yourself in a lifestyle that is fashionably timeless. Top50 invites you to share in a world of an iconic cowboy lifestyle of rural culture where no other experience competes. Embracing our signature hospitality and quality service creates an experience unmatched.

Uparalleled: Embark on a journey untouched by any other getaway. From sunrise in the Sonora desert, to the Southern Cross in Australia, a Top50 ranch vacation offers unique experiences you won't find anywhere else. Take to the saddle for a horseback riding adventure in some of the world's most untamed landscapes, and cultivate new and lasting friendships as you transcend into a lifestyle far from your own.


Sustainable Tourism...

All members acknowledge the importance of Sustainable Tourism, which recognize the social, economic and environmental responsibilities of ranch vacations. Ranchers highlight their efforts within the pages of Top50 and many of the dollars that you spend on your ranch vacation is reinvested into a better future for the next generation.  Please visit each ranch’s storefront to learn more.


Monitoring Standards..

We ask all guests to fill out a post-holiday questionnaire, the results of which are scrutinized by Top50.To place a ranch review, please visit our dude ranch reviews page. All members are committed to high standards of service. Members continually seek to review and improve their ranch holidays. They listen to their customers and welcome suggestions for improving standards. All members do their utmost to ensure that all brochures and other publications, print or electronic, clearly and accurately describe the holidays and services offered.

Top50 Ranches applaud by non-Top50 ranch vacation guest.

Top50 Ranches review by Paul H. Magid, author of Lifting the Wheel of Karma


Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I trust a Top50 Ranch pick? The Top50 Team has traveled to various ranches throughout the entire world. A Ranch has to be genuinely special to make it into our Top50 Ranch portfolio. Each ranch goes through a thorough application process - thorough research, unbiased guest reviews, and property visits as appropriate before being then selected for a placement. The ranch MUST offer a quality stay(and also be vetted by previous guests) before we even consider adding it to our exclusive collection. Once selected, there is a yearly fee utilized to market these outstanding ranch vacations so the public is aware of the ranches that stand above the crowd. Rest Assured, we do not accept a ranch because they are willing to pay - Being willing to pay does not create placement.

Each ranch must meet and maintain ALL criteria - thus staying true to our brand and offering the best for you. With Top50 your risk in choosing the right ranch and your risk in spending your hard-earned money at a qualified ranch has massively been reduced due to our thorough vetting process.

Can Top50 help guests find the right ranch? Of course we can. That's what we do best. We've owned a successful guest ranch, have been the guest, and run a working ranch. Therefore, we understand the type of riding experience and ranch vacation you’re looking for even if you don’t! Email Top50 anytime.


Top50 Ranches: The Story

Montana rancher Jody Dahl had a dream to establish the ultimate compilation of the world’s premier ranch vacations. Having grown up on her family’s ranch, she went on to successfully run a guest ranch of her own alongside her husband Toby. However, she realized there was an opportunity to create a resource for travellers worldwide, featuring a select collection of ranches that are founded on exceptional hospitality and excellence.

Being passionate about spreading the word on ranch vacations, and having a deep respect and love for rural living and vacationing, Jody was keen to show the world how much depth there is to ranch vacations, and set about taking her marketing skills and love for the industry to the next level.

She threw herself into her research, and spent time talking to her own guests, obtaining detailed feedback from them, all the while becoming more and more inspired by their views, and what they felt made a great ranch vacation. She discovered that many people became overwhelmed by the information on the Internet and, in some more unfortunate cases, had been misled resulting in less than satisfactory experiences.

Jody quickly realized she could make a difference, and make choosing and booking a ranch vacation much, much simpler. She wanted to help narrow a guest's search by finding and locating some of the top ranch vacations in the industry, and placing them all on one easy-to-use site. Then, in 2010, after researching hundreds of ranches and using the information she had collected over the years, her dream was realized and Top50Ranches.com was born.

Jody’s lifelong passion for ranch vacations and the rural lifestyle have translated into the website – Top50 strives to showcase only the most authentic and breathtaking, as well as luxurious, ranch vacations. Each ranch has met established criteria and Top50 offers them a unique platform on which they can stand out, thus making it easier for the guest to choose.

To learn more about Top50's ranches, call our friendly Concierge Team on 1-707-217-5205

It was the best riding we've ever had.
Susie, Georgia